15 Minute Tempo HIIT Workout (Full Body/No Equipment/No Repeat)

Quick Fitness Workout
Tap in with us for a quick 15 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout that WILL burn calories and work up a good sweat! This workout is all about mixing the tempo of each exercise—-we split each 1 minute interval into three 20 second sections where we will cycle between a normal pace and fast pace. You can follow our lead for pace but be sure to go at a pace that works well for your fitness level. This workout was designed for all levels (beginners to advanced) and we have provided some modifications for the more difficult exercises below. Give this workout a try below and don’t forget to drop a comment and let us know how you did! 🔥

The Home Equipment We Use:

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Common Modifications:
Exercise #2 – Pushups (On Knees)
Exercise #3 – A-Skip (High Knees Or Fast March)
Exercise #5 – Reverse Lunges (With Hands On Wall For Balance)
Exercise #7 – Skater Jumps (Touch Both Legs To Surface For Balance)
Exercise #9 – Renegade Row (On Knees)

0:00 Intro
1:38 The Warm Up
4:34 The Workout
19:48 The Cool Down
22:44 The Recap


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